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Wedding Dance

Want to make your special day even more memorable and special? If you are nervous about your special wedding day that is fast approaching, you are no doubt worried about your first dance and you think that you have two left feet, then do not fear, Sunbeam Dance Academy has taught countless of couples to walk onto the dance floor with elegance, pride and beauty and allowed newly weds to dazzle friends and family!

We offer professional, personalised dance lessons with a competitively priced service. We offering several packages to accommodate all levels and budgets.

Depending on your style and theme we can create the perfect first dance for you.


"Cathy was absolutely amazing, she was incredibly patient with us and we managed to pull off exactly the dance we wanted!" - Michael and Susan McDonald, Buckinghamshire

"We were delighted with our dance routine and Cathy was fantastic in keeping to our pace and learning !" - Adam and Diana Highbergh, Hertfordshire

Ideal for those couples who want to learn a bespoke more complicated wedding dance


8 x 90 min Lessons 

 Ideal for those couples who want to learn a fun, simple, classic wedding dance.

4 x 90 min Lessons 

Ideal for couples who want a refreshen up on their dance moves before the special day.

(please not this is not a cherographed session)

1 x 90 min Lesson 

Platinum Package

Gold Package

Pay as you dance


£ 230

£ 75.00


"Cathy oh Cathy...so very pleased with our dance. We posted in our wedding page and the comments fantastic. You were right with the end move...it was perfect!" - Stuart and Claire Farringten,  Buckinghamshire

"Cannot recommend Cathy enough. She put together s simple and elegant routine that we could both follow. She added a little sparkle at the end which was loved! I know she is doing a friends wedding as well so double thumbs up!" - Ellie and Warren Clark